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Soft-Invest invests in early stage software related companies especially in mobile application value chain. Additional to monetary investments Soft-Invest brings more soft values to investment companies by utilising its partners vast network and knowledge about mobile business gained while working for Nokia and smaller companies in the value chain.

Soft-Invest has wide understanding of how to create a mobile device, how to market that and who are the key partners when ordinary devices get to be digital consumption platforms. This will lead into crisp understanding in what type of a companies will have a good chance to succeed in mobile application space.

To balance human beings technology driven lifestyle Soft-Invest believes in the trend where people want to spend more time in the nature. As part of that Soft-Invest is active in highly selected property market in Finland what comes to enabling people to spend more time closer to nature.


Software investments

is a leading provider of free primeware to mobiles. JoikuSpot is a unique software by Joikusoft.

Symmetria Software
is the provider and host of global online sales channels for large corporates.

JJ-Net Group Oy
Propably the most efficient 3D-panoramatechnology and its excellent content managemtn combined to 100% customer satisfaction is an unbeatebale combination

Contact information
Mr. Jari Kiuru, CEO of Soft-Invest Oy, tel. +358 40 070 5594, e-mail:

Kettumäentie 5, 13880 Hattula, FINLAND